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Debbie said:
Friday, 13 Feb 2015
I am looking forward to reading more from your site. Debbie
Esther said:
Wednesday, 14 Jan 2015
I'm very new to sewing. just came across your site and going thro' gives me reason to believe I can get all I need to know here. I'll love to start with the home furnishing. thanks.
Ruth said:
Wednesday, 7 Jan 2015
Came across your site via Pinterest. Looking forward to exploring...
Mavis said:
Friday, 23 May 2014
Love the site have just started sewing again after many years and have bought new sewing machine but still in box as a bit apprehensive to use it. I think your site may help me to overcome my fears. Thank you.
Michelle said:
Monday, 7 Apr 2014
I'am a beginner with sewing. I obtained a sewing machine a while ago unfortunately I still have no idea how to use it. Any tips would be great.
Elizabeth said:
Thursday, 28 Mar 2013
I have just started dressmaking again after a break of quite a few years and find that I am relearning a lot by reading sites like yours - thank you!
Veronica said:
Sunday, 9 Dec 2012
What a fab site I think I will visiting it quite regularly, as I have just come out of hospital and can't move about so much for a while so I've just rekindled my love of sewing and crafting again. great tips at the click of a button "wow" keep up the good work.:)
Hussain said:
Wednesday, 20 Jun 2012
Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas.
Jan said:
Monday, 16 Jan 2012
Great, informative site
Michelle said:
Monday, 9 Jan 2012
I enjoyed your video and its clear and visual instructions. I can't wait to make this dress. You made it look so easy. Thanks for your help! Chelle
Scott said:
Monday, 26 Dec 2011
I have just come across you page and would like to enroll please many thanks.
FERDA said:
Wednesday, 26 Oct 2011
The videos are excellent. Actually, Iam an English teacher at Faruk Sarac Fashion Design Academy in Bursa, Turkey. The videos help me a lot to teach sewing expressions.Thanks a million... Ferda
Ali said:
Sunday, 15 May 2011
Please help! you're website is great + I hope it teach me to sew properly - rather than just hoping for the best!
Helen said:
Saturday, 23 Apr 2011
Your site looks brilliant, easy to get around and to understand. Thank-you.
Fatma said:
Friday, 1 Apr 2011
Thanks for your nice site I just wish you could provide sewing patterns
Karen said:
Sunday, 27 Mar 2011
It's nice to read the finer details of sewing, rather than muddling through, I was raised on an home industrial machine by my mother and, although I have a second sense for sewing, to really understand the exact working/functioning is informative and ..... priceless
Kirsty said:
Tuesday, 15 Mar 2011
Great website, informative and easy to understand, yet offers plenty of challenges and ideas for projects and how to get 'stuck in'!
Nguwar said:
Saturday, 12 Mar 2011
Very informative website
Lyn said:
Friday, 14 Jan 2011
I am really grateful to your website, my daughter rang me to ask how she could make a childs clown costume, I didn't know so I asked google, your website was explaining all the items that would be needed and how to make the costume which was very easy to understand. I would like to say a big thank you for all your help.
Kay said:
Friday, 7 Jan 2011
Just found you and am very pleased to have done so. Lots of useful, interesting things here - am looking forward to getting my newsletters.
Phuong said:
Wednesday, 5 Jan 2011
Enjoy my life with sewing
Cecilia said:
Thursday, 18 Nov 2010
I am so much interested in sewing, especially doing dresses and everyday clothes to wear at home and for informal use. Otherwise, I buy clothes outside in dept. stores, it it is for formal wear. Thank you for letting me share my views.
Christiana said:
Saturday, 23 Oct 2010
I am a complete novice and am looking forward to buying and using my first sewing machine!
Dee said:
Wednesday, 20 Oct 2010
Hello. I find this a very easy to follow site,As i'm a newbie at Home Furnishings it's perfect : )
Stephanie said:
Wednesday, 20 Oct 2010
Useful information about tension and sewing machine problems. A bit more on tension would be good.
Sarah said:
Monday, 11 Oct 2010
Im a beginner at sewing/dressmaking so would appreciate any useful tips.
Younus said:
Saturday, 9 Oct 2010
I have gone through your website and found very useful information
Sandra said:
Monday, 23 Aug 2010
Hello, I'm new to the world of sewing/machines and am am glad to have stumbled across your straight forward, easy to understand website.
Anni said:
Thursday, 12 Aug 2010
I'd like to paint flowers along the bottom half of a silk dress I have. But I'm not sure what kind of frame I would put the fabric in (could I use an embroidery hoop, and if so, will this stretch the fabric at all?) Thanks!
Caroline said:
Friday, 16 Jul 2010
This is a great site ive caught the sewing bug and this site is really useful for us beginners.
Angela said:
Tuesday, 22 Jun 2010
Thank you for this opportunity
Zoe said:
Wednesday, 16 Jun 2010
Thanks for a great site, I've picked up loads of information already, especially on tension problems and other other area's that I needed help with. Looking forward to your newsletter.
Kate said:
Tuesday, 15 Jun 2010
A great one-stop shop for all my sewing reference. Watched all the videos in one go, what a great idea, any more coming out?
Catherine said:
Saturday, 5 Jun 2010
I've been wanting to learn to sew for many years and having just won a sewing machine (!!) I just wanted some ideas on how to get started so I am very pleased to find this site which seems very friendly and easy to read. I look forward to starting up and reading more! Thank you.
Maria victoria said:
Friday, 28 May 2010
Very very useful information and so interesting well done and keep it uo hope our youngsters see this and learn from it too thank you
Helen said:
Thursday, 13 May 2010
Wow great site. I am new to dressmaking and this site is super has already taught me loads. Thanks
Carolyn said:
Friday, 30 Apr 2010
Godd information that will help my students. Thanks alot
Amanor said:
Monday, 12 Apr 2010
Thank you,i want to have the opportunity to sent newsletters every month thank you soo much.
Anmol said:
Thursday, 8 Apr 2010
Thanks for teh great effort
Patricia said:
Friday, 26 Mar 2010
I'm looking forward to receiving my newsletter. Thank you.
Mary said:
Friday, 19 Mar 2010
This looks like a ver helpful and interesting site, Thank you
Phyllis said:
Friday, 5 Mar 2010
Looking forward to reading your newsletter and tips
Nzamureba said:
Thursday, 25 Feb 2010
Iam Rwandes,if it is possible,I need some training about sewing knitting.Thanks
Diane said:
Friday, 29 Jan 2010
Ur website is helping me a lot thank you very much I am only a novice and need as much help as I can get please keep up the good tips. diane
Kemara said:
Sunday, 24 Jan 2010
Have just found your site and find it very informative.
Nikki said:
Tuesday, 19 Jan 2010
Saw your video and enjoyed your simple steps using a simple machine that is very similar to mine. Although a novice, I am very willing to learn. Thank you.
Denise said:
Sunday, 3 Jan 2010
I am wanting to start and sew again (crats, soft furnishings etc as opposed to dressmaking)but need to buy the right machine. jsut found this site while browsing for guide to buying a machine - seems great so will use to choose.
Morag said:
Thursday, 10 Dec 2009
Found you on YouTube. Great for a total beginner like me! Just want to save a bit of cash by mending items. Who knows, if I'm any good might trying making something from scratch!
Inez said:
Friday, 16 Oct 2009
Hello from Florida, USA: Do you know anythig about the Lutterloh Sewing System? I enjoy this site greatly. It is full of useful information for sewing. Thank you.
Linda said:
Wednesday, 7 Oct 2009
I logged onto your website and found it to be very helpful, I have a sewing machine but only use it to turn up clothing that is too long. I watched your videos about using a pattern, I think I should be doing more with my sewing machine, so i've brought me a pattern and i'm going to make my dog an outfit for christmas, I know if I have any problems I can always refer to your website, many thanks
Ruth said:
Friday, 2 Oct 2009
Wow, can't believe there is a site like this it's great. I won't feel like I'm working on my own anymore. Thankyou
Jade said:
Thursday, 10 Sep 2009
I'm only at a young age and want to be a fashion designer your website has really helped me. Iam getting a sewing machine soon. Thanks for all your help! x
Dorothy said:
Thursday, 27 Aug 2009
I am a complete novice and am looking forward to buying and using my first sewing machine!
Susan said:
Monday, 24 Aug 2009
I like going to your website cos I ve learnt alot,thanks
Pokelo said:
Sunday, 19 Jul 2009
I am business mentor and trainer wishing to try my hands in sewing. I am planning to start a dressmaking project in one of the poorest village of South Africa to help women who are not working to create a job for themselves in the near future. I find your tips very useful and would love to receive your free monthly newsletter to get new updates on new developments. Thanks.
Thursday, 2 Jul 2009
I am a beginner and this is a great site to get information and tips from. Thanks for creating this.
Audrey said:
Saturday, 13 Jun 2009
Great Site, very interesting and informative.
Patricia said:
Tuesday, 26 May 2009
Your site is very inspirational & reassuring for a beginner like me, thank you!
Heather said:
Sunday, 17 May 2009
What a lovely informative site it has made all the difference to my sewing
Laura said:
Saturday, 16 May 2009
Loving this site, its very useful and informative, excellent tips and great video guides, always good to know if I need a bit of help with something.Keep up the great work. Thanks.
Florence said:
Saturday, 2 May 2009
Thanks,you are doing a great job
Thursday, 30 Apr 2009
I have just started sewing and I think this is a fab way to help people get the sort of know how that they want thank you.
Claire said:
Tuesday, 21 Apr 2009
I am a complete novice! Any help/advice greatly received!!
Kathryn said:
Friday, 17 Apr 2009
It would be great to have a directory of sewing classes/teachers/clubs across the uk. I've tried in vain to find someone who can teach my teenage daughter to sew in the Halifax area.
Nikki said:
Sunday, 12 Apr 2009
This is the sort of site that evrybody needs but dosn't know yet brilliant site and well presented thanks nikki
Jessica said:
Thursday, 9 Apr 2009
What a great site! Perfect for keen beginners like me. Thank you!
Eileen said:
Thursday, 9 Apr 2009
On first seeing this page I knew I was going to enjoy this site.
Louise said:
Friday, 3 Apr 2009
Great, useful and informative site, especially for a beginner like me!
Lucinda said:
Saturday, 28 Mar 2009
Excellent site - it is proving to be an invaluable resource for me as a beginner. It is also very well laid-out
Lyn said:
Friday, 13 Mar 2009
Valuable info on this site - I was confused about sewing machine needles so thank you for your help!
Ngozi said:
Wednesday, 18 Feb 2009
I appreciate what you are doing here so much and interested.I ve interest in women's fashion but I don't know how to cut or sew cloth.I will so much appreciate if I can be thought.Thanks
Alison said:
Saturday, 31 Jan 2009
I am new to sewing and have just been given a second hand machine which I cant thread - I have just found your website and noticed the thread your machine video - excellent! So many books and websites assume a level of understanding which I certainly don't have, starting at the absolute beginning is fantastic. I have booked marked the site and will definitely be using it often.
Margaret said:
Saturday, 31 Jan 2009
Your site is very useful to both the experienced sewer and the newbie. I have recommended it to my daughter. It is worth recommending.
Gina said:
Wednesday, 28 Jan 2009
Thank you for this useful information
Christiane said:
Sunday, 25 Jan 2009
Sewing is a real fun for me. Thank you for your service.
Nadine said:
Friday, 19 Dec 2008
Looks like a very interesting site.
Dani said:
Thursday, 4 Dec 2008
I'm brand new to sewing and really appreciate the information here! Thanks!
Muniza said:
Friday, 21 Nov 2008
I am a beginner in stitching. I found your site easy and useful. In future I want to learn more and wanted to be an expert.
Lorna said:
Tuesday, 18 Nov 2008
This looks like a great website with lots of useful information!
Ellen said:
Tuesday, 18 Nov 2008
Looks like a great site. Thanks from Michigan.
Anita said:
Monday, 17 Nov 2008
Used this website today for the first time and found the quick making tips very useful. Many thanks.
Susan said:
Monday, 17 Nov 2008
What a wonderful site!
Nancy said:
Thursday, 13 Nov 2008
Great to see a website to help home sewers.
Haifa said:
Friday, 7 Nov 2008
Hi, Thank you very much for this website. I really was looking for such site. Haifa
Patricia said:
Wednesday, 5 Nov 2008
Look forward to having the information.
Carolyn said:
Sunday, 26 Oct 2008
I was on utube and saw some of your samples,I was impressed. I always wanted to sew but the things I make does'nt look neat.
Tammy said:
Wednesday, 22 Oct 2008
Hello can you give me information about designing thank you Tammy.
Tina said:
Tuesday, 23 Sep 2008
It's great to find a site for beginners. Thanks so much.
Heather said:
Tuesday, 16 Sep 2008
You run a great site thank you
Lynne said:
Saturday, 6 Sep 2008
I would love to know more about tweeking old clothes into new styles and re-vamping from jumpers to dresses etc. Many thanks and keep up the good work, I love it.
Yolanda said:
Sunday, 31 Aug 2008
I love the site. I am starting to sew with a teacher here in Spain and I really looking forward to be able to create my own projects. Thanks for sharing with everybody all this information. You are very generous.
Rodeen said:
Thursday, 21 Aug 2008
HI,i am new in sewing, Thank you so much for your video's it a great help. I have a pattern it is from new look's pattern range. I realy struggle to read it,beacause I am new in this business. Is there a site that can help me understand how to read a pattern ? Regard Rodeen
Pippa said:
Monday, 28 Jul 2008
I love the help you are giving to amateurs like me. Thanks a lot and keep up with the work you are doing.
Annemarie said:
Friday, 13 Jun 2008
So nice to see an English web site dedicated to sewing.I feel it will go a long way to preserving this wonderful skill.
Wren said:
Friday, 2 May 2008
This looks like a great web site. I have a daughter to teach & I'm hoping this will help.
Safiah said:
Monday, 21 Apr 2008
I'm so happy to see all the useful info given by you. Hopefully I could gain more knowledge by reading this. Thank you very much indeed & I do really appreciate that.
Tiffanie said:
Monday, 3 Mar 2008
I love the videos! They helped me a great deal. Thank you!
Sarah said:
Thursday, 28 Feb 2008
This is excellent for fashion students like myself.x thank you
CeCelia said:
Tuesday, 26 Feb 2008
I need help sewing with fleece and other newer fabrics that I thought your site could help with. Thanks, CeCelia
Victor said:
Friday, 9 Nov 2007
Hi,I would like to learn how to sew Garment.I need your help.thanks from Victor.