Skirt hem

Hemming a Dress or Skirt

Any dressmaker worth her salt knows how to hem a skirt or dress. It’s just one of those essentials that you cannot simply do without. Learn how to do it just like the professionals. What’s the Big Deal? So you know that you should be a dab hand at hemming …

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Fix a ripped seam 800px

How to Fix a Ripped Seam

There are few things more annoying than a ripped seam. However, if it happens to you, don’t despair. They can be fixed in a matter of minutes. Find out how to fix your ripped seam by reading the steps below. First Step The principle for mending a ripped seam is …

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Buttons and Button Holes - Start Sewing 80px

Buttonholes and Buttons

We know what you’re thinking. Adding buttonholes can be fiddly and time-consuming. Well, yes, they can be, but with the help of our easy step-by-step guide, they will soon become a breeze. Find out how you can master the art of buttons! Basics The first thing you should know is …

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sewing interview

How I Learned to Sew: Interview

People become involved with sewing in many different ways and for many different reasons. Helen Beaumont from Glasgow, who still considers herself to be a beginner, told us her story. “I’ve always been quite interested in sewing,” says Helen, who did embroidery on Friday afternoons at high school and who …

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Customising Your Old Clothes

One of the hottest things in modern fashion is reconstruction. Ironically, the best way to get a totally new look is to wear something old – but remade. Fashion is a fickle beast but one thing that will always sell is the opportunity to look unique, and there customised clothing …

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Mending Chewed Clothing

There are a few things more frustrating than discovering that one of your favorite pieces of clothing has been chewed by your pet – or even by your child! Fortunately, if you know what to do, you can still rescue such items most of the time. You will need to …

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Cutting Down a Dress Into a Top

If you have a damaged dress, which is damaged below the waist, or that simply doesn’t flatter you the way it used to, cutting it down into a top can be a practical alternative to throwing it away. This doesn’t work with every dress, but most will only need a …

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How to replace a broken zip

One of the most annoying things that can happen is for a zip to break on a favourite garment or indeed to suddenly fail whilst we are wearing the garment. These so-called ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ can not only be embarrassing but can also mark the end of said item’s life as …

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The Best Way to Alter a Dress or Top so it Fits

There are times when we buy items of clothes that are a little too large or a little too long and as such we need to make slight alterations to them in order for them to fit or look just right. Unfortunately, it is not always the case that the …

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Mending Shoes and Boots

One of the best reasons to learn to sew is to be able to mend your own clothes. When shoes and boots get damaged, however, we tend to either discard them or take them to a professional cobbler. By learning a few simple techniques you can use your sewing skills …

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