What Type of Fabric Should I Use With Velour?

Lining stretchy fabric such as Velour is always difficult. The trick is to find a backing fabric that stretches in the same directions and to about the same extent. Because velour is a woven material and stretches in all directions, you need to choose something with a similar weave. These …

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What Does With or Without Nap Mean?

To put it simply, a fabric without nap is a fabric that looks the same whatever way you turn it. A fabric with nap looks different, though this difference may be quite subtle, and not easy to detect at first glance. Strictly speaking, nap refers to the texture of a …

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How Do I Sew With Spandex?

You may be disappointed by this, but the secret of shape wear is that there is no single secret! There are actually several different fabrics used for this purpose. Good shape wear has to do two things well – stretch/hold and breathe. Because of the latter factor, fabrics like nylon …

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