Body Measurement

Taking Body Measurements

Taking body measurements is a fine art and requires time and dedication. It is not just a case of bust waist and hip inches – clothing measurements are far more detailed. If you want to make a custom-fitted item, you must go that extra step. Here are the basics that …

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mark fabric

How to Mark Fabric

Marking your fabric is a necessity. If you want to follow your pattern, and if you want perfectly straight lines, you need to mark your fabric. Here is a guide to doing it properly. The Point You might think that marking isn’t really necessary for your project and sometimes you …

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Makeing Napkins

Following a Sewing Pattern

You are all excited. You have just got your hands on your very first pattern and can’t wait to get started on your latest sewing project. But where do you start? There are some basic facts you should know when following a pattern and we are here to help you …

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Sewing fundamentals

Fashion Sewing Fundamentals

Thinking about making your own clothes? Learn the sewing basics with these quick sewing fundamentals. This is all you need to know to get started with your own fashion label! Making your own clothes is a cheap way of putting together your own wardrobe. However, that doesn’t mean that you …

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Pattern Terminology

Brush up on the basics with our quick pattern terminology guide. Patterns are the foundation of garment production. Get it right, you have success on your hands. Get it wrong, it might be a disaster. This is why it is so important to find out as much as you can …

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sew cuffs

How to Sew Cuffs

To make smart, stylish long-sleeved garments, it’s important to know how to sew cuffs. There are several ways to approach making cuffs depending on the style of the garment you’re making and the fabric you’re using. You may need a bit of practice to get the hang of them, but …

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sewing costumes

Sewing Costumes: A Creative Experience

Sewing costumes can be one of the most exciting things to do with your sewing skills, continually presenting interesting challenges and producing results that you can have lots of fun with. We talked to Marianne Wells, a keen costume-maker with over ten years’ experience creating fantasy based historical dress for …

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Elements of Style

What makes the difference between a stylish garment and an ordinary one? Ultimately, you will have to develop your own sense of style, but understanding some of the underlying principles of design will help you with this. Unlike fashion, style is something that remains consistent over time, so stylish clothes …

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What Equipment Do You Need For Dressmaking?

If you fancy trying your hand at dressmaking or are already proficient in running up a new outfit, there is a select set of tools that you will need to get off the mark. Here we look at what are primarily the most essential pieces of equipment needed for the …

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Altering a Sewing Pattern

Shoppers frequently complain that all the clothes on the high street seem to be in the same narrow size range, and the same complaint can be heard about sewing patterns. Few of us have bodies that fit exactly into the standard shapes, but resizing a pattern isn’t just a matter …

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