Make Napkins

Making Napkins, Placemat, and Runners

Be the host from heaven and prepare for your dinner party by making napkins, placements and runners. These are the finishing touches to your table and are very easy to make. Placemats Placemats are a cinch. They only take a few hours to make and the end result is well …

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How to Make a Tablecloth

It’s easy to make a tablecloth. This is the ideal challenge for novice sewer who needs a few projects under their belt. A tablecloth is an essential item for the home, and personal touches make all the difference at those family mealtimes. Here is a quick step by step guide …

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How to Make Swags and Jabots

Is there anything more elegant than swags and jabots? It commands attention and frames the room beautifully. Best of all it really is quite a straightforward job that a sewing novice can master in no time at all. Read on and find out how. First Things First Okay, so what …

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Make curtains

How to Make Curtains

It can be incredibly easy to make curtains, and potentially cheaper. All it takes is a few hours and a few helpful pointers. Let us provide the latter and read on for our step by step guide! Simple Curtains The step by step guide below is for a simple curtain …

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How to Make a Curtain Valance

Making a curtain Valance is easy! It doesn’t involve much sewing, it won’t take up much of your time, and best of all, the end result is stunning. Valances give finesse to curtains. They are the cherry on top, and if you have some leftover fabric, this is a great …

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How to Make Cushions and Pillows

Making cushions and pillows is a great way to add character to your home. It lets you develop your own style without depending on what you can find in the shops. But sewing cushions and pillows that will last, is trickier than many people realise. It’s important to know what …

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How to Make Beanbags

Great for seating, games, toys or even soothing away your aches and pains, beanbags have dozens of uses around the home. They’re easy to make and are a great choice of project for beginners. They also make great gifts and are especially popular with children. For most beanbag projects you …

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Patchwork and quilting

Are you tired of being restricted to plain colours or other people’s pattern designs? Patchwork provides a wonderful way to bring your visual imagination to bear on the items you make, and when you combine it with quilting you can create beautiful home furnishings – or even clothes – out …

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