stitch types

Stitch Types

Sewing requires a degree of stitching skill. You need to know the basic types of stitches, and when to use them. Let us give you a rundown of the top stitches. The rundown Stitches are all different and they all have different purposes. One might be great for sewing hardy …

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Skipped stitch

Problems With Missed or Skipped Stitches

There are few things more annoying in life than skipped stitches! Why is it then when you want to put together that perfect seam you end up with an unsightly gap! Here is some background information that will help you make sense of the problem. Why do Stitches Skip? So …

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Basic hand sewing

Basic Hand Sewing

It’s time to step away from the machine. If you are a die-hard machinist, this might be a trying time but don’t fear! Hand sewing is a skill that can be learned easily. Here are some basics that no self-respecting dressmaker can be without. The Magic Four Here are four …

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