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Buttonholes and Buttons

We know what you’re thinking. Adding buttonholes can be fiddly and time-consuming. Well, yes, they can be, but with the help of our easy step-by-step guide, they will soon become a breeze. Find out how you can master the art of buttons! Basics The first thing you should know is …

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Fix a ripped seam 800px

How to Fix a Ripped Seam

There are few things more annoying than a ripped seam. However, if it happens to you, don’t despair. They can be fixed in a matter of minutes. Find out how to fix your ripped seam by reading the steps below. First Step The principle for mending a ripped seam is …

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Skirt hem

Hemming a Dress or Skirt

Any dressmaker worth her salt knows how to hem a skirt or dress. It’s just one of those essentials that you cannot simply do without. Learn how to do it just like the professionals. What’s the Big Deal? So you know that you should be a dab hand at hemming …

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Fancy Dress, Gangster costume

How to make a Gangster Costume

So they have just seen Bugsy Malone and have decided that they want a gangster costume for Halloween or their next party. So now what do you do? Read this guide and find out what steps you can take to make their dreams come true! His and hers, this gangster …

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Witch costume

How to Make a Witch Costume

There is no better outfit for Halloween or fancy dress than a witches costume. A witch’s outfit is striking memorable and easy to put together. So what’s stopping you? Read on and find out how you can be the wickedest party guest this year. What You Need Witches costumes are …

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change a pattern

Resize a Pattern

Not all bodies are equal, and not all patterns have been designed to fit our figures. Sometimes you will have to resize the pattern you have followed religiously. How do you do that? Simply resize it! It isn’t as hard or as challenging as it sounds! What you need are …

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sew a dart

How to Sew a Dart

If you have ever tried to make clothes fit, you will know what a dart is. For those sewing novices, this is one technique that you must master before you make costumes or clothes. This is our quick rundown of all that you need to know! What is it? If …

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Make Napkins

Making Napkins, Placemat, and Runners

Be the host from heaven and prepare for your dinner party by making napkins, placements and runners. These are the finishing touches to your table and are very easy to make. Placemats Placemats are a cinch. They only take a few hours to make and the end result is well …

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How to Make a Tablecloth

It’s easy to make a tablecloth. This is the ideal challenge for novice sewer who needs a few projects under their belt. A tablecloth is an essential item for the home, and personal touches make all the difference at those family mealtimes. Here is a quick step by step guide …

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How to Make Swags and Jabots

Is there anything more elegant than swags and jabots? It commands attention and frames the room beautifully. Best of all it really is quite a straightforward job that a sewing novice can master in no time at all. Read on and find out how. First Things First Okay, so what …

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