How to make a Gangster Costume

So they have just seen Bugsy Malone and have decided that they want a gangster costume for Halloween or their next party. So now what do you do? Read this guide and find out what steps you can take to make their dreams come true!

His and hers, this gangster costume can be adapted for a little boy or a little girl…it’s all about looking tough and looking like you mean business! Dark clothing, shiny shoes and a hat are the core items you need to make this work. We will show you how!

What you will need

There are a few things that you need to guarantee that the theme hits the spot:

  • Black trousers
  • Black shirt
  • White or black tie
  • Black suit jacket
  • Black lace up shoes – school shoes will do the trick!
  • Tin foil
  • A black hat
  • Gold chains – you don’t have to use real gold for this one!
  • Eyeliner pencil
  • Hair gel

Looking at the above, do you spot anything? If you look a little closer, you might realize that absolutely none of this involves sewing!

There is no need to sew a needle of thread. All these items can be found in his or her wardrobe or around the home. This is great news – not only does this make a gangster costume a great last-minute option but it also makes it a very affordable one. Forget having to hit the shops for the key items – you can put this one together without needing to dip open your purse.

The Basics

The key to getting this look right is to groom, groom, and groom! Get the black trousers, black shirt and jacket cleaned and ironed. A gangster always looks well put together. Stains and creases just don’t cut the mustard with this crowd, so get off on the right foot!

Next, whip out the shoe polish and get those shoes as shiny as you possibly can. They should have a reflection that would impress an Army Major! Don’t let the little gangster get away with not putting in any effort into this outfit – this can be their job and will keep them busy for a least 15 minutes!

Personal Touch

This look is not just about putting on the outfit. A bit of facial make-up and a tidy hairdo is also required before this outfit can be pulled off with any panache. Start with a clean face apply a little eyeliner around the eyes. This will give a mysterious, slightly wild, menacing feeling that a gangster possesses in bucket-loads.

The hair needs to be tidy and gelled perfectly. Don’t just slap the product on – take some time to create the side parting and comb through the product to create a flat, smooth base. A temporary black hair dye would be perfect for this look but can be messy, so feel free to skip this item!

Gold and plenty of it should be added as the second to last step. Gold rings and chains should be draped and adorned – it gives the impression of wealth and importance and will help provide your little gangster with that added attitude!

The last step is to place that hat on the head and perhaps add a little tin foil to the teeth.


For this look, it’s all about the accessories. The outfit is plain and straightforward, but there needs to be plenty of gold and, most of all… an attitude for it to work!

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