Witch costume

How to Make a Witch Costume

There is no better outfit for Halloween or fancy dress than a witches costume. A witch’s outfit is striking memorable and easy to put together. So what’s stopping you? Read on and find out how you can be the wickedest party guest this year. What You Need Witches costumes are …

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Fancy Dress, Gangster costume

How to make a Gangster Costume

So they have just seen Bugsy Malone and have decided that they want a gangster costume for Halloween or their next party. So now what do you do? Read this guide and find out what steps you can take to make their dreams come true! His and hers, this gangster …

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Period costumes

How to Make a Period Drama Costume

It might seem an impossible task to make a period costume. All those layers! All that authentic adornment! But believe it, you can use a little ingenuity and just as little money and still come up with a period drama costume. Three or four rows of that little chewing gum, …

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Father Christmas Costume

How to make a Father Christmas Costume

Father Christmas costumes are pretty standard fare: thick red coat and pants with fur trim at the cuffs, heavy-duty black boots, white gloves, and white hair and beard. We recognise the icon in most parts of the free world. And we can replicate it fairly quickly. Costume Material and Supplies …

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How to Make a Children’s Animal Costume

Animal costumes are fun – you can create anything from a bird to a cat or even a zebra. Here is one animal costume idea that you can create. Best of all, it’s so easy, that even the most novice sewer can get going! Animal Zoo Consult the most important …

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How to Make a Children’s Clown Costume

If Halloween is beckoning or a children’s party is coming up you will need to put together a costume fast! Stop clowning around and follow our super simple guide to making the best costume at the party! What You Need There are only a few items that you will need …

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How to Make a Children’s Cowboy Costume

Get on down! It’s time to make a cowboy costume, and we have the perfect step-by-step guide. This will get your little cowboy up and running for the party in no time. All it takes is a little time and a little imagination. What You Need Cowboy costumes need a …

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How to Make a Children’s Fairy Costume

Who doesn’t want to be a fairy? Pretty wings a delicate skirt and an imagination full of magic and myths! Here is a quick fairy costume guide that will help live out every girl’s dream! What You Need Fairy costumes are not too challenging, even a sewing novice can get …

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How to Make a Pirate Costume

Pirate costumes are easy to make. If you need to put one together at short notice read on. This might be the easiest and simplest costume you’ve ever made! What You Need Can you remember watching films like Pirates of the Caribbean? Can you remember what pirates generally wear? Well, …

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Werewolf and Vampire Costumes

Thanks to the success of the Twilight books and films, werewolf and vampire costumes are enormously popular with children and teenagers. They’re always a good bet for fancy dress parties and they can be fun to wear for adults too. If made well, they can last a long time and …

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