How to Make a Children’s Fairy Costume

Who doesn’t want to be a fairy? Pretty wings a delicate skirt and an imagination full of magic and myths! Here is a quick fairy costume guide that will help live out every girl’s dream!

Little fairy surrounded by flowers - Children's Fairy Costume
Little fairy

What You Need

Fairy costumes are not too challenging, even a sewing novice can get their heads around these instructions. To make this outfit work, it’s all about the detail. Get as many embellishments as possible to bring the costume to life. Raid your cupboards and haberdashery store for flowers and anything with sparkle. This fairy costume will result in a pretty dress, packed full of flowers and leaves.

  • Ladies slip – if possible, silk based
  • Sheer fabric in a light pastel colour
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Silk leaves and flowers for the detail
  • Store brought wings

Step 1

Grab the slip and make sure that it fits the fairy princess! We have recommended that you stick with a silk-based slip. This is simply because it’s a good, light base. Remember that fairies don’t wear heavy denims or corduroys!

Step 2

Lay out the sheer fabric and measure it against the slip. This fabric is going to be the extra skirt layer.

Measure from the waist of the slip to the hemline and cut your fabric so that it fits within these numbers. The fabric needs to go all the way round the slip as well, so make sure that you have measured the width.

Hem all sides of the sheer fabric with a simple zig-zag stitch and start pinning it to the slip. Pin only at the waistline as this is the only place where it is going to be secured. Using a machine, carefully stitch the two items together. The skirt should be quite full so that when she dances around there is some movement.

Step 3

It’s time to give her wings! You could make your own wings – you would need some wire, gauze and a glitter pen to add some detail. However, here we have cut some corners and recommended a store brought pair.

Sew the wings to the slip. You need to secure the two items together. The best way to do this is to tack the straps of both. You can do this with a relatively untidy thread so don’t spend time making it perfect. We will be covering this later.

Step 4

Remember the leaves and flowers? Start affixing them to the slip. Starting with the leaves, place them at the bottom of the sheer fabric skirt. Pin them first, so that you can get a feel for how the end result will appear. Then with a needle and thread simply knot them into place by pushing the needle from the underside, up, and then pushing back through the leaf and fabric, creating a knot with the thread. Work your way round the skirt and then start with the waistband.

Here intersperse the leaves with some pretty silk flowers. Use the same knotting technique to secure them into place. This is a great touch as it hides the place where the sheer fabric has been sewn but adds some fantastic detail to the skirt.

Continue the sewing with the straps. Remember that this is where we tacked the wings to the straps so use leaves or small silk flowers to hide the tacking. Once you have finished knotting the flowers into place, sit back and admire your handy work! This is a very simple fairy outfit but one that will make her feel very pretty.

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