Skirt hem

Hemming a Dress or Skirt

Any dressmaker worth her salt knows how to hem a skirt or dress. It’s just one of those essentials that you cannot simply do without. Learn how to do it just like the professionals. What’s the Big Deal? So you know that you should be a dab hand at hemming …

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Video: Hemming a Garment

In this short video a professional fashion designer demonstrates how to hem a garment using a sewing machine. Video Transcript Hi, I’m Natalie, I run a fashion design company called Miss Natalie B I am here today with Start Sewing to show you how to hem a dress or skirt. …

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stitch types

Stitch Types

Sewing requires a degree of stitching skill. You need to know the basic types of stitches, and when to use them. Let us give you a rundown of the top stitches. The rundown Stitches are all different and they all have different purposes. One might be great for sewing hardy …

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