Video: Hemming a Garment

In this short video a professional fashion designer demonstrates how to hem a garment using a sewing machine.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Natalie, I run a fashion design company called Miss Natalie B I am here today with Start Sewing to show you how to hem a dress or skirt.

If the new length of your skirt sits closely to the old, existing length, you may need to unpick the existing hem. To do so you can actually use a seam ripper or a small pair of embroidery scissors.

Once you have unpicked the whole of the hem, you will need to iron out the crease to make a new flat surface for sewing.

If your new hem is 3 inches from the existing hem, I would mark 2 inches all the along the existing hem. You can either use chalk or a fabric pencil and then cut along the chalk line. Another way if you are unsure then you can actually use pins while sewing to make it easier.

The first thing you want to do is fold your hem once, you can either use pins or thread the fabric first. Once your new hem is in place, you’re ready to start sewing.

To start sewing, life the foot up using the hand lever at the back of the machine depending on your machine. Place the fabric underneath and start sewing your new hem, using a straight stitch, taking the pins out as you go to avoid breaking the needle.

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