Video: Mending a Ripped Seam

In this short video a professional fashion designer demonstrates mending a ripped seam using a sewing machine.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Natalie, I run a fashion design company called Miss Natalie B. I am here today with Start Sewing to show how to mean a ripped seam.

First thing you need to do is prepare the area for sewing. You will find lots of loose threads on the seam that you just need to cut away, giving you a clear area for sewing.

Turn the garment inside out to make it easier, you can actually place the two pieces together and pin them into place, all the way along the ripped part of the seam. If it is a small area then you can do actually do this by hand. I am using a pink thread to show you but you would use a colour that matched your garment.

Start sewing, to do a backwards stitch, there is usually a backwards lever, you want to pull this down and press the foot lever and the stitch goes backwards.

Once you have got to the end of the ripped seam, do a backwards stitch and then forward, just to keep the stitch in place. Take the pins out and then your seam is mended. Press the seam in place.

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