Video: Threading a Sewing Machine

In this short video, a professional fashion designer demonstrates how to thread a sewing machine.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Natalie, I’m a fashion designer. I’m here today with Start Sewing to show you how to thread a sewing machine.

The basic sets you need, first of all, cotton reel, bobbins a bobbin case and scissors to cut your thread.

The first thing you need to do is to fill a bobbin up which acts as your tension thread when sewing.

Most sewing machines are similar so they all come with the same components. You can get see-through bobbins or metal bobbins.

First, you need to do is place the bobbin onto the bobbin stand, take your cotton, wind your cotton on there is normally a pivot point on the top of the sewing machine, around and cross over the top.

Then you need to wind the bobbin up by hand to start off and then click to the side. Most sewing machines are similar, they might vary but they normally have instructions on the top.

All sewing machines have a foot press to use while sewing. So to fill the bobbin up you just need to press, hold on first of all and it should fill up.

Once your bobbin is full it will stop because it will reach the point where it can’t wind up anymore. Click back, snip the bobbin.

The next thing you need to do is to thread your sewing machine. So you take your cotton, there’s normally a point at the top where you place through the back, down, through the front and there’s normally a front dial, around the dial, up and then there’s a point here where the cotton needs to go across, over there, down, to the back. There’s a piece there that just needs to thread through and then through the needle.

Once it’s through the needle, through whichever foot you’re using, through the back. There is normally a slit, it depends on what foot you’re using and then just to make sure everything’s running smoothly just pull, it should pull easily.

The next thing you need to do is get your bobbin, place it into your bobbin case, sit in there nicely and then you take the thread through the slit and then through until it’s nice and loose and that needs to sit in the front of your sewing machine. Sometimes sewing machines have a drop-down where they just place in the top, but mine, take off the front and the bobbin case sits in there, place it in. This needs to point upwards. Place your bobbin in and it should click.

Now to thread the bottom tension thread needs to go up, through and to the back. So to do this, take hold of the top thread, wind the handwheel until it goes down and up and then if you pull it should bring the bottom thread to the top. Just need to catch it and pull through until both threads are running to the back.

Just to make sure the tension is running smoothly, just pull them and they should pull both together.

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