Video: Incorrect Thread Tension

In this short video, a professional fashion designer demonstrates how to deal with incorrect thread tension when machine-sewing.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Natalie, I’m a fashion designer, and I’m here today with Start Sewing to show you how to avoid incorrect tension.

As you can see here, the sample I’ve got has gathered and puckered in the middle of the fabric.

To solve these problems, it’s normally quite simple and is to do with these two dials.

The first dial is for the bobbin thread and the second dial is the stitch length, which is your top thread.

The way in which to test your fabric is really to have a sample piece first, turning the dials to create a straight stitch. Normally, the dial can be too high so you would need to lower the stitch and loosen the tension from the bottom thread and loosen the tension thread from the top which will then stop the fabric from gathering in the middle.

To show how to correct it, I am going to lower the bobbin tension and loosen the straight stitch, and, just by turning the dials, it should be a straight stitch!

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