Video: Persistent Thread Breaking

In this short video, a professional fashion designer demonstrates preventing persistent thread breaking when machine sewing.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Natalie, I am a fashion designer. I’m here today with Start Sewing to show you how to solve the problems of persistent thread breaking while sewing.

Two of the main reasons are usually to do with either the top thread or the bobbin thread not being pulled through easily.

To solve these, sometimes the top thread can get caught up when it has been threaded. So the thing to do is unthread the sewing machine and then thread it back through.

The second problem would be the bobbin thread, the best thing to do is take the bobbin out and it could be that the bobbin thread has been tangled up and it’s not threading through where it should be, or, that the thread has become tangled.

So the best thing to do is take the bobbin out, unwind the bobbin until the thread pulls through slightly, put the bobbin back into the sewing machine, and using the handwheel to catch the thread from the bobbin, pull through to the back until both threads can pull through gently.

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