Video: Pinning the Pattern

In this short video, a professional fashion designer demonstrates how to pin a pattern.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Natalie; I’m a fashion designer, I have my own company Miss Natalie B. I’m here today with StartSewing to show you how to pin your pattern pieces together.

This is your front panel piece, which we cut along the centrefold, and these are your two back pieces.

You need to take your back panel where your notch is there, place it onto your pattern along where the notch side seam meets, join up the two notches and pin along the side.

You also need to pin your centre seam, lining up your notches and I’m just going to start from this notch all the way to the bottom to leave room for a zip.

You also need to pin the shoulders together like so. Now you are ready to go!

Pinning the pattern can take time but it will make the difference between a good and bad finish.

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