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There are all sorts of reasons for wanting to learn to sew. You might want to make your own clothes, create attractive furnishings for your home, or simply patch up and repair old items to give them new life. Here at Start Sewing, our aim is to help you master the basics and move on to a range of exciting projects.
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Adults' Fancy Dress
Adults' Fancy Dress: How to Make a Period Drama Costume, How to Make a Gangster Costume,...
Alterations: How to Mend a Ripped Seam, Buttonholes and Buttons, How I Learned to...
Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: How Do I Sew With Spandex?, What Type of Fabric Should I Use With...
Decorative Sewing
Decorative Sewing: Embroidery, Tapestry, Lace Making, Sewing With Sequins, Beadwork and...
Dressmaking: Taking Body Measurements, Sewing Costumes: A Creative Experience, How...
Fabric: Understanding How Fabric Hangs, What Do You Know About Fabrics?,...
Handy Tips
Handy Tips: How You Can Save Money by Sewing, Invisible Zipper Application, How...
Home Furnishings
Home Furnishings: How to Make a Tablecloth, How to Make Swags and Jabots, How to Make...
Kids' Fancy Dress
Kids' Fancy Dress: How to Make a Children's Cowboy Costume, How to Make a Children's...
Sewing Machines
Sewing Machines: Sewing Machine Basics, Sewing Machine Needles, Sewing Machine...
VIDEOS: Video: Pinning the Pattern, Video: Hemming a Garment, Video: Mending...
Latest Comments
  • Red
    Re: What Does With or Without Nap Means?
    I haven't sewed from a pattern since school so I'm trying something simple. A simple dress by McCalls. At first I…
    21 April 2017
  • Terri
    Re: Fabric and Pattern Preparation
    I have a hard time understanding a Pattern. I want to make a tote bag. Any suggestions on following a pattern? Thank you
    16 February 2017
  • Marge
    Re: How to Make Swags and Jabots
    I need picture illustrations.
    19 April 2016
  • hayleyjean
    Re: Fashion Fundamentals
    Hi, I want to start sewing and would like to start off with lingerie. How do I go about doing a course for that. Are there any night courses…
    25 November 2015
  • Sue
    Re: Stitch Types
    My machine is not stitching properly - on the back of the fabric the stitch can easily be pulled out - do you know what the problem is.
    18 November 2015
  • StartSewing
    Re: How to Make a Tablecloth
    msgarlic - Your Question:MOST IMPORTANTLY and before you do anything else.WASH THE FABRIC FIRST!As with anything you make and will wash…
    11 September 2015
  • msgarlic
    Re: How to Make a Tablecloth
    MOST IMPORTANTLY and before you do anything else..WASH THE FABRIC FIRST! As with anything you make and will wash regulary there will…
    10 September 2015
  • fish
    Re: The Best Way to Alter a Dress or Top so it Fits
    How to shorten a dress with a train
    11 July 2015
  • StartSewing
    Re: Sewing With Sequins
    @Wondernan. Generally you should remove the sequins that are in your seam area before sewing. Also check your needle is suitable - and note,…
    28 April 2015
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